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Pearl Jam Confirms Target Partnership For New Album

For anyone that's worried about Target's street cred, let it be reported here that Eddie Vedder says the retailer is cool. So cool, in fact, that Pearl Jam has taken them on as a "big box" partner for the release of their next album, tentatively titled Backspacer. News of the partnership first surfaced last week, when the band shot a commercial with director Cameron Crowe. Band manager Kelly Curtis confirmed the rumors and was quick to defend the relationship, saying that the album will be available at other independent outlets, inclduing Pearl Jam's fan club. Curtis did not reveal any other details of the arrangement, including the release date. A single from the album, possibly a song called "The Fixer" will be released in July. [Billboard]

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Eddie Vedder
Pearl Jam

what a bunch of d-bags. this is so against what pearl jam claims to be against. i never want to hear one of eddie vedder's 8 minute anti-corporation rants again.


I'm disappointed. period. This is definitely a big step down for pearl jam and a dissapointing day for young artists such as myself.


They are going to lose fans over this. Even some of their cult like followers will see their blatant hypocrisy here. Just look at the pictures of this man, he is the face of NDP. Vedder is a mentally ill?, self righteous, self serving Malignant Narcissist whose contempt for everyone is thinly disguised.


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