PayPal Sues Pandora Over New ‘P’ Logo

    PayPal claims trademark infringement and trademark dilution.

    Paypal's logo is to the left. Pandora's logo is to the right.

    PayPal is suing Pandora over their new logo.

    The new logo is essentially a big blue “P” with no space in the body of the letter. The only differences between the two logos are the shadowed effect that PayPal uses along with a slight italicization.

    According to the New York Post, a lawsuit was filed on Friday in Manhattan federal court stating that Pandora’s new logo “not only resembles, but openly mimics [PayPal’s] logo,” and that the new logo has “interfered with PayPal users’ experiences.”

    Pandora started using the new logo last October after launching Pandora Plus, an improved version of the monthly service. This occurred just months after original founder Tim Westergren returned as CEO, and former Apple and LinkedIn marketer Nick Bartle took over as CMO.

    Pandora said in a company statement that their ”new logo, with its vibrant and bold color scheme, showcases the next phase of the product and music experience Pandora brings you.”

    Even upon its release, some criticized Pandora for using a logo so similar to PayPal’s. “It looks fresher, and I like the logo,” said one man commenting directly on the Pandora company website. “But the icon reminds me of the new PayPal logo.” Others were more critical. “I hate the new logo,” said one woman. “It’s ugly. Makes me want to delete it off of my phone,” said another.

    Now here it is, months later, and prosecutors are using people’s Twitter comments as evidence in PayPal’s lawsuit.

    “Why do Pandora and PayPal have the same logo?” Asked one woman last April.

    The New York Post reports that PayPal is using 20 social media posts as exhibits in their lawsuit claiming trademark infringement and trademark dilution.

    PayPal claims to have tried to work things out with Pandora preceding the lawsuit, but their letters went unanswered.

    Pandora has not yet made a public statement regarding the lawsuit.