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Pavement's "Stereo" used to move South Korean Hyundais (Video)


Pavement are an unlikely choice for a car ad (they never wrote anything as annoying/revolting as "Saved by Zero"), but apparently their Brighten the Corners song "Stereo" is the perfect song to move Hyundais (mainly motrocycles it seems) in South Korea. The ad above doesn't feature anyone from the band, and it doesn't actually have any singing, so this is kind of low on the sell-out scale, but overall, I think the song choice was pretty solid: "Stereo" lends itself to simple shots near the beginning and bigger, flashier images around the chorus. No word on if this ad will be hitting non-South Korea countries. [Daily Swarm]

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This is 10+ years later than I expected. I was expecting them to use the chorus too. Kinda cool regardless.

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not a car commercial, actually - it's for hyundai capital (financial/insurance services).

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