Pavement’s Bob Nastanovich Brings Fan on Date with Ikea (Video)


    As a part of the reissue of their excellent fourth album Brighten the Corners, Pavement and Matador offered up a contest where one lucky fan would get a $500 shopping spree at Ikea and a date with a member of Pavement. The video for said Ikea/Pavement date has hit the net, and in the clip, Jenny Bergen, the fan that won, goes to Ikea with Bob Nastanovich to buy a new bed. Bergen recently moved to New York, and lives in a Spartan apartment with a 74-year-old woman, so her story won by a landslide. 


    Brighten the Corners, as the end of the video reminds you, is out again in a four LP vinyl edition on June 23 with eight songs not on the latest reissue.