Pavement Returns as a Wedding Band (Kinda)

    The rumors of a Pavement reunion will not go away. Singer Stephen Malkmus certainly seems less than keen on the idea, but most of the band members did get together to perform this weekend. Sadly for Pavement-o-philes, the occasion was Bob Nastanovich’s wedding party, and the set list was entirely comprised of cover versions.

    The concept of Pavement permanently returning as a wedding band is, of course, a wonderful idea, and far preferable to seeing yet another act join the treadmill of reformed ‘90s groups currently slogging around the country. The band semi-reformed, sans Scott Kannberg, at the 5 Spot club in East Nashville at the weekend. It seems Malkmus performed much of the material alone, including a cover of the O’Jays’ wedding staple “Love Train,” although the rest of the band did join him for a rousing finale of “Rock This Party.”

    David Berman and assorted Silver Jews were among the audience members, although the former cut out early, no doubt bemused at the amount of Pavement fans who had turned up to a wedding party. It’s not yet known which song provided the first dance for Nastanovich and his new wife, but it certainly wasn’t “Summer Babe.” [Nashvillescene via Earfarm]