Paul Westerberg talks about scoring “Open Season”

    Interesting article in The Wall Street Journal today, as former Replacements frontman Paul Westerberg talks about his experiences scoring the new Sony Animation film “Open Season.” I found it hilarious that the Sony Exec’s wanted someone a little bit more edgy for the project, but at the same time, decide to enlist Pete Yorn to record a “smoother” version of the song they plan on sending to the award organizations for consideration. It reminds me of that one line from the Simpsons episode where Moe Szyslak gets plastic surgery and gets work on a Soap Opera, “I want TV-ugly, not Ugly-ugly.”
    Still, the funniest part of the article for me is the author’s obvious lack of familiarity with the subject. I don’t think much of The ‘Mats fan base wear vintage punk t-shirts or sport mohawks, but what do I know…
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