Paul McCartney hires “army” for Israel concert

    All you need is love, but £1.5 million worth of security guards doesn’t hurt either. Especially if you’re Paul McCartney, who has been receiving death threats from anti-Israel extremists over his decision to play a concert in Israel. The 66-year-old former Beatle, who is beginning to bear a distressing likeness to Sumner Redstone (see photo), hasn’t knuckled under to the terrorists’ threats, stating "I do what I think, and I have many friends who support Israel," but he isn’t taking any chances either. That’s why he has hired a crack security "army" for his upcoming appearance, consisting of both British and Israeli bad-asses, enough to occupy 21 suites in the Israeli hotel Macca has booked for himself and his posse. In the meantime, Jewish extremists have gotten into the act as well, with threats to disrupt McCartney’s show in order to protest British "anti-Semitic elements." McCartney remains a peace-and-love man to the last, though; he lit a candle in Bethlehem "for peace for all people all around the world, especially in Israel and Palestine."