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Paul McCartney Dismisses Rumors He Had A Feud With John Lennon

Paul McCartney says he wasn't offended when he heard a recently uncovered interview where John Lennon insulted his ex-Beatles bandmates. In fact, Macca blames the attacks on drugs. "John said so much crap that he later said he hadn't meant. It's bullshit," Paul declared. "Whatever bad things John said about me, he would also slip his glasses down to the end of his nose and say, 'I love you'. That's really what I hold on to. That's what I believe. The rest is showing off." [Perez Hilton]

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I think McCartney is trying to rewrite history. This was a feud that went on from 1970-72 and is detailed in "Beatles Forever" and other books. Not only did they talk trash about each other in the press (all of which is quoted in "Beatles Forever,") they each composed songs taunting the other. Those songs, like "How Do You Sleep" and "Dear Boy" (among others) remain on the solo albums. Does Paul think we forgot?

I can understand McCartney might feel bad now, but he should just embrace they had their differences. The tension is what made for a great band, but also what broke up the band.

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Have to agree with you, Tonys.

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Actually Dear Boy was about Linda's ex-husband.


Man, musicians do that all the time! We call it EGO!


John would say all kinds of stuff but later just say he was mad, like John saying he wished he could re record ever song The Beatles.Yoko even said John would stay awake at night wondering what Paul was doing.In May Pangs book Loving John she spoke of John and paul hanging out together being best friends again and John even talking about writing and recording with Paul again, that all ended when he got back with Yoko.I believe Paul


Right on Jeremy. Paul was a fairly frequent visitor to the Dakota during John's "house husband" years (as John mentioned in one of his last interviews), although for the most part the visits tended to conicide with times Yoko was not around ;-)


Tony's, "Dear Boy" was directed at Linda's ex-husband. John must have been paranoid to think it was about him. It's obviously an "I got the girl" song. Also, I don't think he's saying there was never a feud. That's just the misleading title. He just says that John was just talking out of emotion. I agree


While they had their occasional issues, Many of which were played out in the press, both clearly held onto their affection in private and visited throughout the 70's. John, bless his heart had a tendency to let loose with all manner of vitriol in interviews, as Paul did in the studio sessions. The truth is usually far from beatles legends and myth and we can only take their words for it ( and yoko, Linda, George, ringo, Tony Barrow, geoff emerick, May Pang, Pattie, Chris O'Dell, well anyway...) the beatles forever as great a fanboy book as it was for those of us who grew up in the 70s was better for illustrations than facts. They visited often and were watching together the night when Lorne Michaels offered them 3000$ to reunite on SNL. John had many nice things to say about Paul as well and vice versa.


Take from me..John and Paul were like brothers. If you have a brother, you know how sometimes you fight and sometimes you get along great.Deep down they loved each other very much. They just moved on with their lives as most brothers do. The fondness really never died.

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