Paul Anka Given 50% Writing Credit for Michael Jackson’s “This Is It”

    A mini plagiarism controversy arose and dissipated in the matter of hours yesterday, as Paul Anka came forward to claim that Michael Jackson’s final single, “This Is It,” was taken from a joint writing sessions he and Jackson did in 1982. Anka said Jackson took the song with him after the session, and never released it. Anka gave the song to Safire, who recorded a version in 1990. So Anka was pissed, because he felt like he should get half the money for any “This Is It” sales. 


    Instead of fighting Anka, Jackson’s estate has already buckled and given him 50% writing credit. So, yeah. Story over. Crisis averted guys. This was just a test for our plagiarism awareness alarm system. [via Daily Swarm]


    Here’s both the tracks for you to do comparisons, etc.