Paul and Ringo to Perform at Transcendental Meditation Benefit

    If Led Zeppelin can reunite with Jason Bonham on drums, then Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr might as well round up Sean Lennon and Dhani Harrison and have a go at it. Julian can play keys, off to the side.


    Sadly this will never happen – too much respect for the McCartney/Starr catalog (or was it Starr/McCartney?) perhaps – but don’t get bent out of shape just yet: the two living Beatles plan to perform together next month at New York’s Radio City Music Hall as a part of a David Lynch Foundation benefit for transcendental meditation. Tickets will probably cost more than the total production value of one of Lynch’s minor works, but at least we can expect some low-resolution YouTube videos of the event.


    I hope they perform Octopus’s garden, with an actual octopus playing the parts of John and George. It would still have four limbs to spare. [NME]