Patti Smith’s New Album To Include Amy Winehouse Tribute

    Punk icon Patti Smith just finished her annual run of shows in New York City, but she’s already making plans for the future. The singer is plotting the release of a new album—her first solo venture since Twelve in 2007—which will include a tribute song to Amy Winehouse. 

    Smith was talking to Uncut magazine when she revealed the news of her song about Winehouse. “The little song for Amy just blossomed in the studio,” she said. “We were at Electric Lady doing a whole other song and I wrote Amy a little poem when she died and my bass player, Tony Shanahan, wrote a piece of music and the two matched perfectly.”

    The singer goes on to call the track “a nice little song” and also claims to have penned an ode to actress Maria Schneider. This recording comes at a busy time for Smith, who is reportedly adapting her book, Just Kids, for the big screen. [via NME] [Pic: Wiki]