Patrick Wolf Will Preview New Songs in NYC

    News about Patrick Wolf’s forthcoming album has been pretty uniformly surprising: first he split one album (originally titled Battle ) into two (this summer’s The Bachelor and winter’s The Conqueror ) . Then he announced that he’s raising the money for it using fan contributions; and then he released a very NSFW video for The Bachelor ‘s first single, featuring himself in S&M garb (it had to be debuted late at night on Myspace because it was so potentially controversial, but the most shocking thing you’ll see is Wolf’s pasty English buttocks). 


    This newest news is not quite so crazy: Wolf will debut songs from The Bachelor in an acoustic set at Le Poisson Rouge in New York on May 6, preceding a fuller tour (with six-piece band) later this summer. But given his unpredictability, we wouldn’t be surprised if he plays the set naked or suspended from wires or something.


    [ NME ]