Patrick Wolf Reveals New Album Details

    It’s official: Patrick Wolf will release his new album, Lupercalia, on May 30 through Hideout Recordings and Mercury.


    As Pitchfork reports, Wolf traveled throughout the world producing the album, with stops in Los Angeles, Germany, England, France and Spain. As per usual, Wolf recorded much of the album’s instrumentation by himself.


    And, if you’ve heard the album’s opening track and first single, “The City,” you’ve undoubtedly noticed how upbeat and happy-sounding Wolf’s latest songwriting efforts are. Even the video, featuring young couples snuggling and smiling on beaches, would suggest that Wolf’s Lycanthropy-era sullenness isn’t likely to make a return any time in the near future.


    Lupercalia Tracklisting:


    1. The City

    2. House

    3. Bermondsey Street

    4.The Future

    5. Armistace

    6. William

    7. Time of My lIfe

    8. The Days

    9. Slow Motion

    10. Together

    11. The Falcons