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Patrick Wolf plans release of double album

Speaking to, multi-instrumentalist and Lost Boy Patrick Wolf revealed that he's planning the release of his follow-up to 2007's The Magic Position for February. The new release is going to be a double album, and Wolf recruited the help of Alec Empire (Atari Teenage Riot) to record one half called Battle, inspired by a rough patch the artist went through.

"I was having to play songs about a past relationship, I'd been through three management changes," Wolf told NME. "I revelled in my depression and began attacking politics and the people around me. It's an aggressive noise punk record."

This is in contrast to the second half of the album which was inspired by Wolf's "true love, who has practically saved [his] life." So, if Patrick Wolf was Mary J. Blige, this would be his No More Drama, get it?


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Patrick Wolf

What happened to his plans to retire? And where has Alec Empire been since the Atari Teenage Riot was getting big time hype?

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Wasn't he just planning on not doing any live shows any more?


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