Patrick Carney Is Working With Sheepdogs

    No, he’s not working with sheepdogs; he’s working with The Sheepdogs, the band that won Rolling Stone‘s Choose the Cover summer contest. With a new album being readied for Atlantic Records, the Canadian quartet has been buckling down in the studio with Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney, who will be handling the LP’s production. Interestingly, the untitled album is being co-produced by Rolling Stone contributing editor Austin Scaggs. Sheepdogs frontman Ewan Currie acknowledged that “Pat’s got great ideas and we all seem to be on the same level.” As for what’s actually going on in the studio? Currie said this: “We’re recording live in the same room with no headphones.” The album, a follow-up to 2010’s full length Learn & Burn, is scheduled for a late spring release. [RS]