Pastels, Tenniscoats Say Goodbye to Summer with Two Sunsets

    Domino has announced that indie rock legends the Pastels have teamed up with Japanese pop group the Tenniscoats for a collaborative record, Two Sunsets, to be released on September 22 (the first day of autumn). The record was recorded over the past three years, whenever the Tenniscoats’ touring schedule brought them to the Pastels’ home base in Glasgow. The album will be preceded by the single for “Vivid Youth,” with two versions of fellow Scots The Jesus and Mary Chain’s “About You” as the B-sides. The album’s sound is described as “very summer-ish,” so here’s hoping it will keep us warm through those first chill months of fall.


    Two Sunsets track listing:

    1. So Many Stars
    2. Two Sunsets
    3. Song For A Friend
    4. Vivid Youth
    5. Yomigaeru
    6. Modesty Piece
    7. About You
    8. Boats
    9. Hikoki
    10. From On A Mountain_Sodane
    11. Mou Mou Rainbow
    12. Start Slowly