Paste Magazine says name your price

    For a limited time, Paste is leaving the pricing up to its customers. The magazine, which comes packaged every month with a free CD of its featured artists, focuses mainly on more mainstream indie rock and alt-country bands but also features book, movie, and video game reviews. Follow the link here to check out the offer.[more:]
    As a subscriber to Paste, I would recommend the magazine. I first heard Christopher Denny and The Hold Steady on their mix CDs, and I’ve found quite a few good reads in their book review section. I do, however, feel a little like a guy who bought an iPhone before the price drop. It’s almost as if all I really had to do was hold out, and then I could have gotten the magazine at a better price. I guess this experiment is better than having the magazine canceled and ending up with six issues of something that I didn’t order, though. That happened to me one time with Marvel Comics, and it stank. Stupid Hulk.