Party Guests Experience Vision Loss From Glow-In-The-Dark Pool?

    It’s hard not to LOL when reading the headline: “Ravers claim ‘reduction of visibility in both eyes’ after swimming in glow-in-the-dark pool.” But this happened. As reported by Gothamist, two guests at the horrifyingly named event “Return to the Bubble Kingdom” alleged they experienced “permanent” vision loss after swimming in a pool filled with glowing water.

    The victims, naturally, are pursuing monetary damages. They stated the organizers were seen “[dumping] toxic chemicals into the large pool to alter ‘the color and/or reflective properties’ of the water.” Oddly, instead of, say, not going in to the large toxic bathtub, the two women did. To further poke holes in their story, another partygoer had this to say: “No matter how screwed up you were, it was easy to see you shouldn’t go in that pool–it was filthy, the water was green, and it was leaking into the basement.”

    Rave kids, let this be a lesson: if the water is green, don’t swim in it.

    “Return to the Bubble Kingdom” took place Aug 4 at Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The pool party/rave was staged by nightlife production group Unicorn Meat NYC.