Paris Hilton Becomes A K-Pop Star In Kim Jang Hoon’s “Nothing” (Video)

    Paris Hilton, the 31 year old socialiate (yes, she’s 31 now) has been taking a stab at celebrity life in every possible facet. From being a reality TV star with Nicole Ritchie to being a solo singer and DJ she’s tried it all. And now riding the Korean “Hallyu Wave” she starred in Kim Jang-hoon’s new music video for “Nothing.”

    A compatriot of super star PSY, the vocalist has been around the Korean pop music scene for quite some time. He’s even collaborated with PSY on occassion and recently caused some controversy as well. But regardless of what’s happened, Kim’s new song is a beautifully sung ballad revering in the same heartfelt vibe that most Korean dramas bask upon.

    Check out the dramatic music video below: