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Paramore confirms two songs for the "Twilight" soundtrack

What before was just a possiblity, a dim hope in the hearts of fans of poorly conceived expressions of teenage angst everywhere, is now certain. Paragons of feckless demographic pandering, Paramore have indeed recorded two songs that will be featured on the Twilight soundtrack, to accompany the film of the same name based on Catherine Hardwicke's popular series of books. If you want to hear the band's first single from the soundtrack, Decode, a couple of devoted fans have uploaded the song to youtube. This is so much scrumptious young adult goodness in one place that retailers could probably trap maladjusted, vampire-obsessed 15 year-old girls on the street if they just dragged copies of the soundtrack on a string.


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/site_media/uploads/images/users/Kadgi/DSC04569.JPG Kadgi

Lovin' the new song.
Good job guys!


When will they have the onther new song out?

does anyone know?


HELLO! the twilight series is by STEPHENIE MEYER, not catherine hardwicke. hardwicke is the director of the movie.

which, i'm sure, will be awesome. but i'm so upset that it doesn't officially come out in australia for another week and a bit.

i have the soundtrack though, and it's awesome. i love paramore, and their songs for the movie suit it perfectly.


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