Papercuts draw flesh blood with new album

    Jason Quever, better known as the indie-pop auteur behind Papercuts, is set to pull off the proverbial hat trick with his upcoming third album, You Can Have What You Want, set for April 14 release on Gnomonsong (he has also just signed a deal with Memphis Industries for the U.K.). This time around, Quever’s bittersweet songs will be delivered via an entirely analog array of equipment, as he’s focused on using vintage instruments for all the songs. All the better to channel the influences of everything from Krautrock to Britpop to the Zombies’ baroque pop. Quever’s Beach House buddy Alex Scally chimed in with some arrangement assistance, but What You Want nevertheless promises to be Quever’s show all the way, with the quirky pop maestro revealing further facets of his quietly commanding musical personality.