Pandora Will Now Offer Music Videos

    Mashable is reporting that the streaming music service Pandora is now offering a new feature — music videos.


    The site will showcase artist-produced videos Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. Anyone who launches the videos in a browser window will get to continuously play all of the available videos in alphabetical sequence.


    What videos will be on the site? Well, artists and labels are being directed to a link for submission details. But for now, Mashable says the group of “launch artists” includes Animal Collective, the Prodigy and Kid606. Click here to see an interview/music video of the Oregon band Blind Pilot, which serves as a good example of what they’re doing.


    If this service catches fire, it should provide a welcome alternative to YouTube, where more and more streams seem to get interrupted and videos get pulled left and right from record companies. It would be nice to see Pandora license video catalogs of artists and properly catalog them in an easy-to-find way.