Panda Bear Says ‘Tomboy’ Is Nearly Done, Animal Collective Is Working On New Album

    In an article about New Year’s Resolutions from musicians, chefs and actors in the Wall Street Journal, Panda Bear revealed that his new album, Tomboy, which has been rumored for release for the better part of a year, is nearly finished. He also said Animal Collective is going to be writing their new album this year as well:

    I’m moving back to the States for a while so the rest of Animal Collective and I can be in the same place to write songs together and make something we’re excited about. “Tomboy,” my new album, is really, really close to a final mix; I spent the last three years or so on it. It’s taken me forever. I feel like I did the tour for it already: Animal Collective and myself are in the habit of touring the stuff live before its release.

    Of course, all of this is tentative, but 2011 could be a busy year for the Animal Collective dudes.