Packers’ Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Loses Bet To Boyz II Men; Must Wear 49ers Jersey For A Week

    Okay, first and foremost, the Green Bay Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers is friends with Boyz II Men. Can we talk about how awesome that is for a second? They’re such good friends, in fact, that they made a bet concerning the outcome when the San Francisco 49ers visited Green Bay last Sunday. 

    Here was the deal: if the Packers win, Boyz II Men’s Nathan Morris would have to wear a Packers jersey for a week, but if the Niners win, Rodgers would be forced to wear a Niners jersey for the same amount of time.

    Well, for any of you who follow football, you know that Green Bay lost the game 22-30, which means Rodgers lost the bet.

    Looks like those team meetings and game-prep for Thursday’s home game against the Chicago Bears are going to be pretty awkward!