Oscars Producers Really Want M.I.A. to Perform This Weekend

    Apparently the producers of the Oscars aren’t counting on Benjamin Button fans (that movie is total butt by the way) and the prospect of a dead man winning an award (Heath Ledger for the Joker) to draw ratings this Sunday–they desperately want M.I.A. to perform. The problem? M.I.A. just gave birth last week, and might not be up to flying to L.A. to perform for a minute and a half.


    M.I.A. doesn’t want to back out like Peter Gabriel so she offered to perform from home, or to appear as a hologram. That’s not good enough for the producers–they want to have M.I.A. on the show, live, an are even offering for her to perform lying down. 

     "She’s eager to perform … we’ve said things like ‘we’re willing to have her enter on a large bed,’" Mark is reported to have told the WENN network. "We’ll make it as easy for her as we can," said producer Laurence Mark.

    Brilliant idea! Because that totally negates the whole "I don’t want to travel and leave my baby" concern. 


    I suppose the producers can be excused for doing whatever it takes to get M.I.A. on the show–she is at the height of her popularity, and is the only music star that’s going to be near the program (and because, after all, Benjamin Button, the most nominated film, is total butt). But still, a bed? Are you serious?


    I bet whoever does the nominating is feeling pretty stupid for robbing the Boss of his nomination for The Wrestler (and for nominating Benjamin Button so many times. Did I mention that movie is total butt?). [Idolator]