Opeth To Reissue Early 2000s Work

    Opeth, the de facto art-metal band for any prog-head making their way through High School in the early-aughties, have been around for 22 years  – a four album reissuing campaign feels more like a necessary formality than anything. The Swedish institution is reintroducing 2001’s Blackwater Park, 2002’s Deliverance, 2003’s Damnation, and 2004’s live-album Lamentations. Blackwater, probably the most celebrated and culturally-revered of the bunch, is getting the nicest package – a 28 page booklet and a bonus DVD, ostensibly containing something Opeth related. Lamentations will also be accompanied with a documentary about the making of Deliverance and Damnation, can you say superfan bait?  All of this stuff will be hitting shelves April 10, so plan accordingly. [P4k]