Oneida Returns With ‘A List Of Burning Mountains,’ Teaser

    Last year, Brooklyn psychedelic titans Oneida released album number eleven in the form of Absolute II, and they are not resting on their laurels at all. Today comes news of a new record titled A List Of Burning Mountains, out November 13 via Jagjaguwar.

    The group recorded the album in their awesomely-named studio Ocropolis, and as to be expected from a band that will play 12-hour-long improvisational concerts, the record only as two songs on it: “A List Of Burning Mountains 1” and “A List Of Burning Mountains 2.” Below, we’ve got a teaser of the record, though from which epic song we’re not entirely sure. Also, if you’re inclined to witness their instrumental majesty in the live setting, Oneida has a date planned at Raleigh, North Carolina’s Hopscotch Festival on September 8.