Oneida Releasing Final Part In ‘Thank Your Parents’ Trilogy

    Oneida shame lesser talents with the scope of their ambition. Three years ago they set about releasing a trilogy of albums beginning with Preteen Weaponry, which was followed in 2009 by the epic triple record Rated O. Now that unique series of releases, collectively dubbed Thank Your Parents, is coming to an end with the news that Absolute II will provide the final piece in the picture.


    The album will be released by the band’s long-term home at Jagjaguwar on June 6, and will bear four tracks—“Pre-Human,” “Horizon,” Gray Area,” and “Absolute II.” To celebrate the occasion Oneida has set up a Bandcamp page that includes audio from all three parts of the Thank Your Parents series—check that out here.


    Naturally, the group is not ending this fertile period in their history without a suitably grandiose celebration. On Oct. 1 they will play at the ATP I’ll Be Your Mirror event in Asbury Park, NJ, where they will stage the third in their series of live Ocropolis performances.


    For anyone not familiar with the live Ocropolis concept, it essentially involves them transporting their Brooklyn-based studio into a live setting—in this case, a bowling alley—and performing throughout the day with various special guests from the festival joining them at certain points. Like we said before: the scope of their ambition is off the charts, and long may it remain that way.