Watch: Olivia Wilde’s Seductive Lap Dance In ‘Butter’

    The political satire “Butter,” starring Olivia Wilde and Jennifer Garner hits theaters this Friday, and what better way to raise publicity than by releasing a clip of what could be the film’s most compelling element—Wilde as a sly stripper working over Ty Burrell in every sense of the phrase.

     According to Indiewire the movie is a comedic allegory of the 2008 Democratic primaries. I think we’d all be more politically well-informed if the current election featured more scenes like this one. In addition to Wilde’s incomparable beauty, the clip also shows off the film’s sharp writing and sardonic charm—Wilde’s stripper-name is Tokyo Rose.

    Garner (the Hillary Clinton parallel) plays the ambitious wife of Burrell (a butter-sculpting champion) who tries to steal the spotlight from her husband, only to be bested by Yaraha Shadidi (the Obama parallel). Wilde enters the fray as the stripper that Burrell can’t resist. And who could blame him? 

    The film also stars Hugh Jackman, Alicia Silverstone, Kristen Schaal, and Rob Corddry. [MTV]