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Old Incubus DJ Records Vlog To Address Death Threat Rumors (Video)



Chris Koppel, former DJ of butt-rockers Incubus, made the news last week when it was reported that he had threatened Chris Kilmore, current DJ for butt-rockers Incubus. Koppel decided to record a vlog addressing the dispute (which mostly has to do with Koppel claiming that Kilmore and Incubus' manager stole some reference disks from him), in which he drops nuggets about how he wouldn't threaten to kill someone, because if they don't die, it makes him look like a chump. Which actually makes total sense. Though check out that plaque at the end: "hereby" fail, am I right? Who knew butt-rock DJs went at each other like this? [Daily Swarm]

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Andrew, you're even a bigger douche than this weirdo (complete with the douchebag facial-hair) for taking the time to actually write about this crap.


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