Okay, Chris Brown, That’s Enough Already


    We’ve mostly avoided posting about the Chris Brown self-destruction that’s been going on this week, but this video of him on 106 & Park earlier this week filled me with the kind of rage that is usually the type that Chris Brown shows his “loved ones.” The thing that is patently ridiculous is that Brown STILL doesn’t understand why people would be asking him about what he did to Rihanna, or that he should be punished at all for it. Here he is, saying that he was “doing whatever” in the last year (aka being pushed out of the public eye because he punched Rihanna in the face many times) and “frowning,” before he eventually goes on to say that the reason he was upset on Good Morning America was that they weren’t supposed to ask him about him punching Rihanna in the face many times.



    Go to the 4:45 mark of the video for the part of referencing. It is the worst. That’s exactly how you erase the perception of you as a monster: By throwing a fit when someone asks you what happened when you punched Rihanna many times in the face. The worst part? That the people in the audience seem to buy this shit. Why can’t this dude just pack it in and go away? Or let someone pummel him in the face for about three days on national television?