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OK Guys, We've Had Our Fun: Enough With The Insane Clown Posse Already


Look, I realize I'm part of the problem. I've written about Insane Clown Posse too many times.* But enough's enough already, everyone. I mean, seriously, this video up there is the worst. Who are you trying to make laugh? People from three months ago who haven't seen the video for "Miracles"? I get that doing stuff about how the guys in Insane Clown Posse have swiss cheese for brains after years of meth abuse is an easy way to get hits, but doing a video where you dissect the ICP meme fills me with so many :( Congrats, Rocket Boom. You've killed the ICP meme dead.


I guess I appreciate that they consider that maybe Insane Clown Posse are faking, but it's only tongue in cheek. Think about it. What if in three years the Insane Clown Posse come out and say the entire fucking thing was a joke. Who's going to look dumb? All of us, who are making videos making bad jokes about a video that was a bad joke. [Buzzfeed]


*- Including this time, obviously.

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Insane Clown Posse

I don’t understand it, why do you waste your time watching a video about a group you know you don’t like only to post negative remarks and reviews, no one’s pushing you to watch it or enter into this bands world. For example I don’t like Kanye West, or Rhianna, or Lady Gaga, so why would I waste my time posting internet blogs and comments and watching videos and reading about them, I don’t like them so I don’t involve myself with them, plain and simple, I mean what kind of loser and worthless human being does that, they are like paparazzi haters, following the bands movements only to post and say negative things at every turn, it seems pretty childish and immature to even waste your time online doing this, and as for the miracles thing.. I understood the song, took it for what it was, loved Violent Js explanation of it, but I didn’t need to hear that cuz in my heart I already knew that, and so did my mom and step dad and grandma and everyone else I know, it kind of seems to me haters are just following a trend after the SNL thing, it’s cool to make fun of ICP and call them retards now, ha ha ha, if you truly disliked someone or something so much wouldn’t the better approach to hating them just be to not acknowledge their existence or whatever instead of creating hype and buzz and becoming part of progressing them ahead in there "fame" and notoriety. Isn’t that like rule number one in the entertainment industry, as stupid as people want to portray the Juggalos and ICP, I wonder if they’ll ever realize that the joke has always, will always, be on them. That’s my 2 cents, take it for what it is, Juggalo 4 Life, bring on the hate, MCL Void Out!!!!!


yo im a juggalo and anyone who talks CRAP bout this song is a loser music is music deal with it whoop whoop mcl


I bin a juggalo all my life all you gay haters can suck my nuts icp is a legend they dont give a crap if you are rich or not im not rich or poor im jest living my life the juggalo life and so are my two brothers and so are my friends i got mad love for the other juggalos and Juggalettes out there and the miracles music video it true miracles happend everyware whoop whoop
juggalo4life and allways rember to stay down with the clown mcl later.


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