OK Go Manager Likens YouTube Revenue To Finding Change On The Street

    At last week’s MusicTech Summit in San Francisco, OK Go manager Jamie Kitman dropped a pretty big piece of disheartening information on the audience. He made it clear that even though his band gets millions upon millions of views on YouTube, they don’t really see much revenue from it. Here’s a damning quote if there ever was one:

    “But the YouTube revenue is so small based on how many streams we’ve done that I would say that it’s not a business model, it’s like finding change on the street.”

    That’s apparently part of the reason why OK Go has signed endorsement deals with companies like Chevrolet, which sponsored the band’s wild video/Super Bowl commercial for “Needing/Getting.” Kitman also noted that his band’s old label, EMI, has some kind of agreement with VEVO, which might be why OK Go hasn’t really seen any money for their crazy amount of views. Or, in his words, “perhaps they get paid and then don’t pay us on, so I can’t really speak to what that stream is.”

    Yikes. [DMN]