Oink Founder Allegedly Made Around $300,000 From Site

    Oink may seem like a dim and distant memory now, but it was one of the most popular BitTorrent sites for grabbing illegal music files prior to its shuttering in 2007. Alan Ellis, the founder of the site, has been in court this week, and it transpires that he made a cool £190,000 (around $300,000) from donations made by Oink users.


    The police discovered the money in Ellis’s Paypal accounts, and prosecutor Peter Makepeace claims: “Every penny was going to Mr Ellis. He hadn’t sung a note, he hadn’t played an instrument, he hadn’t produced anything.” Although Oink was free to use, many people offered donations to keep the site online.


    “What I do is really like Google, to provide a connection between people,” Ellis said. “None of the music is on my website.” The case is still ongoing and the outcome probably isn’t going to favor Ellis, although countless other sites have stepped in to replace Oink, and don’t appear to have endured any visible signs of interference (yet).


    [via The Guardian]