Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes Responds To Pitchfork Review

    Another day, another band responding to negative reviews on Pitchfork. This time it’s of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes, who delivers a point-by-point dissection of Rob Mitchum’s review of the band’s False Priest. Most of this reads like every other case of a band refuting a Pitchfork review, but Barnes’ is funnier than most:


    But the first part of “Our Riotous Defects”, handcuffed by funny-once spoken-word, is one of several indications that this Of Montreal era is running on fumes. lower case o and what is the indicator of fumes? The most enticing aspects of the band’s R&B mmm,enticing R&B aspects! are the places where it deviates from the recipe: its acidic, self-loathing undercurrent, its sugar-high unpredictability. Barnes’ tongue isn’t quite as sharp on False Priest, and all the shock value has worn off of falsetto-funk tracks such as “Hydra Fancies” or “I Feel Ya’ Strutter”.i didn’t know i was supposed to try to shock you more with my falsetto, sorry i’ll sing higher next time.what do you mean by saying the shock value has worn off of two songs on False Priest? are you attempting to imply that they once had shock value but the shock value is gone? when did that happen?before or after you heard them? i’m guessing before?

    He does make a very good point near the end though: 

    why does pitchfork always assign my albums to flaccid puritanical sex hating half humans?

    He sort of gets to the crux of why nerdy record reviewers have such a hard time reviewing overtly sexual stuff (like Barnes’ recent output): We’re NOT getting laid as much as we’d like, which is why we have time to sit around and ponder how of Montreal needs to do records not about fucking and more about mental breakdowns (like of Montreal’s 2007 album, Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?). It’s also why we can wish for abstract things like a Jon Brion-produced of Montreal album. Maybe of Montreal DOES make album reviewers uncomfortable. I don’t know. So I guess what I’m saying is, you’re right, Kevin Barnes. And also, I encourage you, Prefix reader, to read everything Barnes said. [Daily Swarm