Odd Future’s L-Boy Starts Column In L.A. Weekly

    As if the talents of Odd Future’s various members didn’t stretch across enough media, Lionel Boyce (aka L-Boy) has become L.A. Weekly’s newest columnist. Don’t expect a lot of literary or journalistic excellence (though those aren’t words we tend to associate with OFWGKTA)—the column reads, well, like a guy in Odd Future wrote it. It’s absurd, funny, irreverent—all the things we would expect from one of Tyler, the Creator’s bros. The column is ostensibly a chance for Boyce to talk about the rap group’s artistic endeavors, but it’s really just a place for him to be ridiculous. A few choice sentences and phrases to whet your appetite:

    “I have had sex with roughly 87 percent of the women on this planet.”

    “I am a 6-foot-3-inch, 220-pound black guy, given my own column in LA Weekly to talk about whatever the fuck I want.”

    And, ever willing to praise his fellows in Odd Future: “We can do anything, whether it be drawing, cooking or smoking crack. We can do it all.” If only we all could, L-Boy. If only we could.

    Read it here: Thoughts From a Random Black Guy.