Odd Future Set Palm Tree Ablaze On Fairfax Ave

    In what may or may not be a reference to the song “Kill People Burn Shit Fuck School,” Odd Future allegedly set fire to a giant palm tree on LA’s famous Fairfax Avenue. One of the members of the hip-hop collective unleashed a bottle rocket that crashed into the tree, setting its fronds alight and sending embers flying onto nearby businesses and pedestrians. 

    Odd Future’s pop-up store and general presence have drawn unwanted tourist attention to the block of Fairfax where the tree recently blazed. Could the fire be a commentary on the outsiders swarming in? Whether accidental or intentional, the stunt made a pretty impressive display. Watch footage of the burning tree below. [Hollywood Reporter]

    EDIT: While the bottle rocket did come from Odd Future’s storefront, it’s not confirmed that members of the rap group themselves launched it. They have agreed to pay for the damages caused to the pizza joint next door, though.