Odd Future Releasing Book, ‘Golf Wang’

    Clearly not just content with releasing music and videos, the guys and gal of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All are gearing up to publish their first book, Golf Wang. It’s set to feature photography, images, and writing from the collective, some of which we have probably already seen before on their Golf Wang tumblr. The publisher of the book, PictureBox, provided the following information on what to expect from Golf Wang:

    This book, created entirely by the music group Odd Future and their circle of friends, features their own photography, design, and writing. This is a glimpse into a creative world that crosses skating, hip-hop, mischief and brilliance.

    You can head to PictureBox’s website to check out some excerpts from the book, which features 196 pages and ships Nov. 15.



    [Rap Radar]