Odd Future Media Coverage About To Get Even More Out Of Control

    Look, I’ve already done the “I’m so sick of the coverage of Odd Future, even though I like them, and I’m sick of hearing about how they rap about rape” thing. It’s played out. But think of this post as a warning shot about how you’re about to hear about them from every media outlet at SXSW, since the dudes play close to 10 shows (coupled with the shows MellowHype are doing), and everyone will try to catch them (I’m hoping to close out my SXSW experience by seeing them at midnight on Saturday). 


    In case you don’t have an active RSS feed hipping you to Odd Future stories, here’s a semi-recent roundup of the building deluge of Odd Future coverage: Pitchfork has a piece up with capsule reviews of every album the group has put out, and it includes bon mots about Domo Genesis, which is good, in some respects, I suppose, since dude is ignored. But expect shout-outs to Wiz Khalifa too. I guess we should applaud this piece for at least focusing on the music, in totality. 


    Also noted by Pitchfork is that the band is working on a pilot for Adult Swim. I refuse to comment on this, except to say that it’s never going to happen as a series. Go here to read details.


    The other big news is that Steve Rifkind, the hip-hop impresario that signed a pre-hype Wu-Tang Clan, is openly courting the group on Twitter. And it could be a big deal, if he’s able to corral the whole clique into a deal (which Rifkind is reportedly interested in doing). Go here for a Tweet roundup of Rifkind’s kisses to Tyler. I just wonder if Earl shitting on Rifkind-signee Asher Roth is going to hinder any deal.