Odd Future Denies Left Brain Slapped Female Photographer

    As you might have read on the web yesterday, Odd Future rapper-producer Left Brain was accused of slapping freelance photographer Amy Harris. She told NBC33 News that the alleged assault came after OFWGKTA leader Tyler, the Creator expressed his disdain for photographers. This prompted Left Brain to start spraying water into the crowd and, according to Harris, he then began kicking and hitting cameras and the people behind them. Even though she said she was hit in the face, she’s apparently not pressing charges. 

    And after not responding to the accusations at first, the OFWGKTA camp issued a statement denying the incident to Billboard. You can read it below. [Hypetrak]


    “There simply is no truth to the accusation floating around the internet. It’s no secret that Odd Future has a love/hate relationship with photographers at shows. [It’s] simply because they are given access the group wishes their fans would have instead.

    “After telling the photographers to clear out multiple times (as they’ve done before) Vyron (Left Brain) took a swipe at a few cameras, NOT people. To manipulate the situation [and] to insinuate an attack on a woman specifically is careless and manipulative.”

    Update: The folks at website Driven By Boredom were also at the same show where the alleged assault occurred and, like OFWGKTA, stated that it did not happen. Read their thoughts below.

    I need to wrap this up as this post is getting really long but I want to make it very clear that the woman who claims she was slapped in the face was not slapped in the face and that if you are worried about getting hurt or breaking your equipment you should go shoot safe sedate bands that stand around playing their guitars making it real easy for you and 200 other photographers to get the same damn shot of them.