Odd Future Critiques Up And Coming Rapper Joey Bada$$ On RapFix Live

    The whole Odd Future gang stopped by MTV’s RapFix Live recently. For the show’s ‘Get in the Game’  segment, they were asked to share their opinions on a new Brooklyn rapper named Joey Bada$$, who’s part of a crew called Progressive Era. Before OF watched Joey’s music video, Tyler, the Creator gave fair warning: “This is so fucked up of you guys,” he told host Rob Markman (who was sitting in for the usual and great Sway), “to do this with us.”

    Left Brain immediately called the young rapper ugly, to which Bada$$ retorted, “Yo you look like Squidward’s house, nigga!” Earl Sweatshirt didn’t say much other than “You can rap,” which is a compliment that Domo Genesis co-signed. Syd tha Kyd simply told Bada$$ that she liked his video. The RapFix clip is pretty much all mutual insults and laughing, with Tyler’s ADD kicking in here and there to mention Grizzly Bear. Check it out below. [Vibe]