Obvious Department: Lil Wayne Treated Better Than Normal Riker’s Island Prisoner

    The Village Voice has a completely unsurprising story up that talks to unnamed sources who report, gasp!, that Lil Wayne is being treated better than normal prisoners at Riker’s Island. In fact, he gets more visiting time than other inmates! And guards bring him food! And basically the plot of Avon Barksdale being in prison during the second and third seasons of The Wire! 


    Jail staffers also bring Lil Wayne food from the nearby Jackson Hole restaurant and local pizzeria, says our source. They are also said to tip him off so he knows when he is going to be searched. Lil Wayne is causing a big stir at Rikers — even more than typical celebrity inmates, sources say. Last week, a female Department of Corrections captain allegedly barricaded herself in a locker room, demanding to see the hip-hop artist. In May, the rapper was busted for having headphones, a charger and a watch that doubles as an MP3 player in his jail cell.

    Seriously. Does this surprise anyone, anywhere?