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Obama Talks About Justin Bieber, Jay-Z On The View (Video)

We’ve been here before of course—Barack Obma loves talking about the contents of his iPod, which no doubt delights Steve Jobs and everyone at Apple. The president was at it again on his interview on The View yesterday (July 29), where he also talked about the possibility of getting rid of his beloved Blackberry and switching it for an iPhone.

“You name a song, I’ve got it,” Obama claimed. Sadly, host Whoopi Goldberg didn’t leap in and start quizzing him about the value of the latest Oneohtrix Point Never jam, or get his view on the burgeoning chillwave scene. Instead, the president told us: “I’ve got Jay-Z on there, I’ve got Frank Sinatra on there…I’ve got Maria Callas on there.”

But there was bad news for a certain pop whippersnapper: “I do not have Justin Bieber on there. I have met Justin Bieber, he came to sing at the White House, he’s a very nice young man.” Say what you like about Obama, but he certainly knows how to give diplomatic answers when it comes to his music taste.

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Barack Obama
Justin Bieber

I support the President, but this simply a PR attempt (on a talk show nonetheless) to compensate for his declining approval ratings. Instead, please focus (off camera) on the endless wars in Afghanistan/Iraq, the worst oil spill in our nations history, a further declining economy, etc. I'm already quite aware he's a cool dude, with a playlist to match.

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Apparently HIPoP does not support the president. There is more to life than negative things, (that he does talk about daily). He is human and has a right to relaxation or another VIEW sometimes. He is in the news DAILY, so there is no need for a PR attempt. His approval ratings ore only viewed by people like you. Get a life.


I never the question the President. He is a chess master moving pieces very slowly and very delicately. We must understand that our President is only doing what he believes to be the correct pathway towards real marked change. Calling his 'The View" appearance a PR stunt is just not having a full understanding of the complexity of our political structure. The President is ending the two wars overseas within a year.


Re-reading my initial post, it does sound a bit more negative then I had initially intended. Though to the posts that followed:
It's kind of ironic to base your argument on there being more to life then negativity, then in turn to tell me to "Get a life." Even further, it's puzzling that someone would think approval ratings would be viewed "only by people like me", when they in fact a collective representation of the American public's view - thus contradicting your very argument.
This has nothing to do with the "complexity of our political structure" - it is a post on a music blog, in addition to the fact that the President is the first sitting president in history to ever appear on a daytime talk show. Also, to NEVER question the president, let alone anyone for that matter, is simply dangerous.

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