Obama Mispronounced Nas’ Name On New Mexico Radio

    President Barack Obama was on a New Mexico radio station today. Somewhere in-between talking about important political issues, Obama was asked a pop culture question and in his answer mispronounced the moniker of longtime supporter and NY rapper Nas. Instead he pronounced it like the “Nas” in “NASCAR.”

    Now we could all roll our eyes and Obama’s gaffe but really, he is the President of the United States. Dude probably gets like four hours of sleep a week. You think he’s got time to scour Nah Right and chat it up with his daughters about what’s hot in the rap-game right now, making sure to get the names right along the way?

    Of course not.

    Which makes the fact that Obama misspoke Nas’ name not as noteworthy as the fact that Spin magazine was able to actually write 278 words about it. See for yourself.