Oasis Regrets Their Offer To Refund Audience Members For A Failed Performance

    Major technical difficulties besieged an Oasis concert on June 4th at Heaton Park, Manchester. The problems occurred during a particularly inopportune show date, it being the first hometown Oasis performance in four years. After being forced to cut songs short, a large sign flashed in front of the audience consisting of nearly 70,000 people reporting “SORRY for the technical difficulties (it’s the generator). We’re fixing it has fast as we can!” (We give them props for the communication.) When the band came back onstage, lead guitarist Noel Gallagher said into the microphone “Anybody who has kept their ticket will get a full refund,” not realizing of course that to do that would cost about 4.8 million dollars. Responding to Gallagher’s offer, nearly 20,000 fans did in fact want their money back. Gallagher later wrote in his blog that he regretted his statement. [NYT]