Oasis working on new album, leaning toward the psychedelic, Noel says

    Just when you thought Liam Gallagher’s nicotine-stained whine was relegated to AT&T commercials for the rest of time, he and his brother, Noel (the talent), are reportedly back in the studio working on a new album, according to BBC6 Music — even though Noel admits he’s lacking inspiration and says the well hath run dry.
    “I’ve literally got nothing left to write about: I’ve wrote about being a youth, and I’ve wrote about being a rock star, and I’ve wrote about living life in the big city,” Noel told BBC6.
    So, what do you do when you run out of the creative juices? Trip balls, of course. Or in Noel’s case, revisit those heady days. “I’ve been revisiting some of my more psychedelic trips of a younger man, because I remember them all you see . . . putting them to music.” We’ll see how psychedelic Oasis can get, but Noel promises that they’ve been focusing more on the grooves, noting that their last effort was “more ‘songy,’ ” he told BBC.