Oasis Members Ponder a Future Away From the Band

    Noel Gallagher may be plotting his next move as a solo artist following his departure from Oasis, but the movements of the other band members seem less clear. It’s not yet known whether Liam will try to struggle on with Oasis, but a British tabloid is reporting that the rest of the band may be ready to follow Noel’s lead and turn their backs on him.


    “Some have already started to look for pastures new – as they have no idea how the new format of Oasis would work,” a ‘source’ told the Daily Mirror. “Now that Noel has gone, no-one else knows how they’ll put up with Liam’s big gob. They saw how Liam treated Noel, and don’t know what will happen if he does the same to them.”


    The Oasis rumor mill is in overdrive, as reports yesterday suggested that Liam had taken a vacation with bassist Andy Bell in Italy, hinting that he may be sticking with the frontman. In fact, eager shoegaze fans will be monitoring Bell’s movements closely; with the genre enjoying an unprecedented upswing and Oasis falling apart, could a Ride reunion be on the cards?