Oasis Issue Refund Checks for Manchester Concert

    Oasis’ homecoming concert at Heaton Park in Manchester on June 4 was beset with technical difficulties. Noel Gallagher made a statement from the stage, in which he offered refunds to everyone who attended the show, and instantly regretted his remarks. The Gallagher brothers are now facing a £1m (approx. $1.6 million) payout.

    Around 20,000 fans applied for refunds for the show, which attracted a crowd of 70,000. Checks have been issued to those who requested their money be returned, with an accompanying letter that reads: “Thank you for your application to receive a payment as a goodwill gesture for the problems experienced at [the Heaton Park] show. Please find attached the check in respect of this offer. No further correspondence will be entered into.”

    In an attempt to dissuade people from cashing in, the checks are signed by Liam and Noel, and will clearly become collector’s items over the years. “People can obviously cash them in,” a spokesperson said. “[But] they are quite distinctive so a few people may decide to keep them.” The question of whether to cash in now, or wait while the value rises, now becomes a tricky issue for fans issued with the checks.


    [The Guardian]