Oasis Express Swine Flu Fears, Get Mobbed By Mask-Wearing Fans

    Oasis are currently in South America, where the Gallagher brothers have managed to put their many feuds aside to play a few shows. Liam seems happy, judging from his Twitter stream, which says: “Just landed in Peru, my kinda people, see you all tomorrow.” Noel, however, is concerned about swine flu, saying that he was shocked to be greeted by ground staff all wearing face masks when the band arrived in Caracas.

    “It was like something out of a Stephen King novel,” he says. “I suddenly feel quite naked without one.” In Peru, a similar scene unfolded at the airport in Lima, where hundreds of fans–many of them wearing surgical masks–greeted them. Noel says: “It’s all got a bit mad over here. This swine flu malarky is freaking people out.”

    But even swine flu hasn’t freaked people out enough to stop them greeting Oasis. According to the website Living Peru, the importance of the Gallagher brothers outstrips the threat of contracting a potentially deadly virus: “Most of the fans said that they were not afraid of becoming infected, and that welcoming their idols (and expressing their admiration for Oasis’ music) was way more important.”