Oasis asked to participate in world-record stunt that doesn’t involve alcohol

    Lovable scandal sheet regulars/Oasis leaders Liam and Noel Gallagher have been invited to an attempt at breaking the world record for the largest recorded family gathering. Organizers of a record-breaking stunt called the “Gallagher Clan Global Gathering” have asked the duo to attend despite the fact that the brothers have devoted most of their careers to dragging the Gallagher surname through the muck. The event will take place at the original Gallagher homeland of Co Donegal, Ireland. The two have not said whether they will attend; meanwhile, Oasis is set to release its concert film, Lord Don’t Slow Me Down, on DVD on October 29. No word on whether watermelon-smiting buffoon Leo Gallagher has been invited.
    For more info, check out the clan’s website: http://www.gallagherclan.org